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Choose what sport and what to do at la fitness to lose weight?

Often, we think that to return to the sport will make us lose naturally to the weight. This is not quite true. If the goal is to lose weight and especially of fat mass, spend more calories than what you don't use. Which sport can help you? We must remember, to make a calorie deficit, there are 2 solutions: eat less (in calories, not necessarily quantity) and move more. (Combine the two brings of course much faster results, you'll understand.)

If you choose at least in part the second option, we have to find a physical activity that matches you, and that is calorie phage. The answer, you expect, it's ' cardio '. " And in this word, we find 2 subtexts: it's going to be long, and it won't be funny. (unless you'd love to run. There is, and all the better for them, because it is still the best solution.) BUT worth it. For example, take an hour for exercise like cycling bike. If you are pedaling really, you burn 400 kcal. 400 kcal in 1 hour.  Remember you only lose 1 kg comes back to burn/not eating 9000 kcal, compared to its metabolism. Which means that if you have a stable weight right away, that you don't change anything else, but you sit your ass on a bike and as you ride 1 hour per day, in 22 hours will have lost you 1 kg. If you do that, and you take away 2 cakes type Prince of your diet per day, or 2 cappuccinos 1 yogurt LiĆ©gois, or 2 pieces of bread (200kcal), you need just 2 weeks to lose 1 kg. 2 cookies and less and 1 hour on a bike, 2 pounds lost per month. It is in may, 3 months before it's the holiday that's 6 pounds of stupid to lose before the next time that you walk to Juan pines. So resume, which sport to choose? And well anything from repetitive, not very hard, and makes you sweat. (it is a bit simplistic, but in the idea, it's that.)

The cardio to do at la fitness (in the gym or inside):

Cycling Bike
The treadmill
The rower

The cardio to do outside:
Of swimming
Of the rope to jump
Fast walking 

What is the right pace?

It is often said as below 1 / 2 hour. It doesn't help. Your body consumes calories from the first minute. It needs the energy to draw somewhere. So no exercise at La fitness is never in vain, it is always much better than remaining sitting on a couch. Except that, Short sessions (less than 30 minutes), we get the energy here, or it's the easier. To consider losing weight serenely, 45 min and + cardio, between 3 and 5 times a week, is a good pace. It's not super funny to do. If you're lucky, you have a screen on your treadmill or a nice Park nearby you and spending hours and hours in empty sports halls, without any distraction. It is a good musical playlist, and we think of the good we do in our body, and we're patient. If you want to lose weight, the sport that you do is never an excuse to eat more. If you spend 45 minutes on a treadmill or a bike, this isn't for eating immediately at home. Agree, it can be a solution to extra: you know that you will too eat (because of the restaurant, because it's birthday, Christmas, so on), and suddenly, you can dig a dining calorie deficit, so that the supply of food is not on the scale. But in no case, it should become a daily treatment. There are many examples that people who once performed each workout in la fitness, rushes to soft drinks or chips. If you want to lose weight, you're going to do cardio deliberately, and that you eat double the calories right after, stay at your home. It makes no sense at all. It's bad for your body that does not include signals, and it may associate big calories with "reward right after. If you crack, crack on things that have at least a nutritional interest. It is important for the body to reform its reserves with a good workout, but it never needs a large glass of sugar (so the soda or alcohol) or a big bowl of saturated fat (chips, fast food, Donuts), More you'll tend to eat much more in quantity of these "not healthy" things than usual because you say "I do sports." If you eat more than you spent, it didn't help.

Don't believe machines caloric assessments.

If you are familiar with La fitness sports halls, you know that machines are equipped with calculators to kcal burned, but they are unreliable. And not in a good way, that is to say, that they are the widely exaggerated effort. Everything depends on the settings and the software of the machine, but overall, will rather find online matches for your sex, age, height, and weight, for each activity. And again, if the machine displays 400 kcal of lost, it is not a reason to go buy a chocolate bread out. If you aren't able to stop you, don't buy a pastry, and you'll get the same result.

Remember to work your muscles for as much.

Yes, At la fitness the cardio is great for losing weight. But you know what happens when you lose weight, and that one does not work on muscles? Lose much of the muscle. So it's nice to display - 2kg on the scale, but if it is for losing 70% of muscle, it's a bit too bad and it does not advance the problem. The weight is a stupid and nasty figure, and often nothing to do with physical appearance: you can keep the same weight for months and losing 3 pants sizes. Then to be sure not to consume all of the muscles to the effort,  two small tips to keep in mind: continue building muscle (even if that means 10pompes on the knees and 2 × 20 ABS morning.) and eat enough protein. The best is to pair each session of cardio at la fitness (45 min cardio / 15 min workout, to start).

La Fitness Integrate technical exercises

As progress on some technical movements like pull-ups and the previous progress steps become "easy." If you know do several strict pull-ups, horizontal pull-ups seem simple because they are less intensive for your body. You might then want to incorporate these movements into your warm-up routine. You will work the technique while warm-up. The warm-up will be for example 2 sets of 10 repetitions of horizontal dragging. Integrate technical exercises allows you to work on your weaknesses. If you are still unable to make explosive pumps!, integrate some classic pumps or inclined to your warm up may be a good idea to move everything in the warm-up (2 sets of 10 reps for example).