La fitness is the place where we can get our body in shape and la fitness is the best fitness center for bodybuilding and fitness lovers.

This club offers you the opportunity to practice your sport 7 days a week in a wide time range from 6:00 to 23:00 Hours may vary according to the gym less than € 1 per day with unlimited access, zero constraints, the sport accessible to all effortlessly. It is now possible in the clubs of la fitness.

Unlimited access to all activities Without commitment after the first 12 months. Of course non-stop on big screens with the greatest La fitness experts: courses of cardio machines, muscle building courses, relaxation, physical sculpting and toning all day!. La Fitness Club is one of the brands of the Group Moving (HEBE). 

La Fitness Club For Men And Women

La Fitness, gym and sports clubs: Open 7 / 7 from 6:00 to 23:00 High-end hardware, latest generation workout programs, Non-stop group lessons on a giant screen, Strength training, cardio training, group fitness coaching. 

The price is low-cost, but the facilities are top of the line! The La fitness bathrooms are equipped with equipment of latest generation. Take advantage of courses given by the best experts of the fitness club and projected on a giant screen. More than 140 classes per week.

Accessible to all fitness: unique formula less than 1 euro per day! La Fitness by Moving offers the best of fitness, to make sport on high professional range facilities without losing other things. Schedules practices, 7 / 7 non-stop from 6:00 to 23:00 same Sunday! A club of abundant cardio machines, a space equipped with a sound system and giant plasma screens. A weight training machines, guided and free Park, very complete, 2 spaces "Slim Coach / oscillatory plates" with the N ° 1 in oscillatory techniques: thesis Oder MIE. For slimming and toning results guaranteed in 15 minutes with no effort. And a relaxation area with hot and cold drinks.

La Fitness - Warming-up

Warming up properly before you start training.

The warm-up is the essential and inseparable from all physical and training part, for whatever sport or physical activity. Start intensive training without warming up properly, and it's like going to the cinema to a 3 hour in 3D without glasses adapted movie. You will still see the movie, but you'll hurt your eyes and certainly have a headache. In fact, the warm-up is the "warm-up lap" of Formula 1 before the race. Before the workout, sure to be in the best possible conditions by implementing temperature of the body, your joints, your muscles and your heart rate. La fitness warming up is to put the body in optimum condition to practice safely. There are three signs that tell you you've properly warmed you up, and it's sweat and an acceleration of your heart rate and your breathing.

How to properly warm up and avoid getting hurt?

Physical activity to be healthy and feeling good, and it should not be a source of pain and frustration!. Don't forget that if you do not have enough time to warm up, you don't have enough time to train.

Dynamic and not static stretching?

Have the memory of la fitness courses where some static stretching in the warm-up, as stretch the quadriceps one leg bent maintained for several seconds. It turns out that today ' hui scientific studies show that static stretching in the warm-up does not decrease the chance of injury and more, reduce athletic performance (strength, power, and explosiveness). After static stretching: force maximum (peak of force) is decreased on average by 5 percent and power and explosiveness of 2%. (1) Athletes raised 8% less load for the squat, and their sensations of balance and stability have been reduced by 23% (2). Performance decreases proportionally based on time spent on static stretching (3). These studies are taken with a grain of salt because they are conducted for periods of stretching for more than 45 seconds, and so they do not measure the results of static stretching on shorter periods (the negative effects are seen but reduced for shorter periods). Dynamic stretching is all movements where you will gradually reach your maximum amplitude without jerking. The idea is often to put muscle in a position similar to the one that will be during the training. For example, dynamic stretches could be the ways of legs, arms, rotation of the shoulders with the fixed basin or quadriceps stretch, rising of knees, slots walking.

Examples of warm-up routines:

There are as many routines for warm-up of people who train. Each exercise to warm up repeats to be ready to attack the workout. Below are a few examples of la fitness exercises to warm up.

In general, warming up for 10 to 15 minutes: jump rope: I work different types of jumps (even complicated that do not yet control) until start to sweat. Dynamic stretching: swinging arm, rotation of the hips, dislocation of the shoulders with the rope to jump; rotations of the wrists, shoulders, and ankles; 10 to 20 squats; 50 jumping jacks; technical movements. Train to do the straight trees (handstand) or the L-sits, pumps, traction. Is more dynamic stretching and slots, crab markets, with swings of legs.

Official Cross-Fit warm-up by La Fitness:

Do 3 laps with 10 to 15 repetitions of Amson stretch (from 15 to 30 seconds): intertwine your fingers and push your hands in front of you (palms of hand to the outside), then arms outstretched above your head by pulling your shoulders to maximally decrease the space between the bottom of your head and your arms, make a slot in front keeping the position and push your pelvis forward. Bending to snatch (overhead squat) with a stick or a jump rope:  for example take a broom with a seizure that is wider than the width of your shoulders, raise your arms above your head and do squats; sit-up, lumbar extension bed (back-extension): lying on the ground on stomach, body sheath with arms above your head (superman) position, you take off the arms and legs simultaneously, traction in pronation, dips.

La Fitness Programs:

Program no. 1  strength training

Program of La Fitness 01:04 without equipment circuit training exercises. This comprehensive program of body building in circuit-training increases tone and causes no muscle volume, so it's especially a good program of strength training for women. To lose fat, gain lean mass and thus increase basal metabolism. Requires no hard work, It can be followed at home and requires no prior knowledge of sports.

Program no. 2 alternating rope and Squat

To lose weight, you can follow a program alternating jump rope and overhead squat, a body weight exercise.

Program no. 3 Three bodybuilding: lose weight in the thighs

If anyone wants to lose weight in thighs? Your desire is widely shared, as, in women, the fat has a tendency to focus on this part of the body in the form of cellulite. Follow the strength training for women program and add a toning the legs by explosive strength exercises to avoid taking muscle volume.

Program no. 4 Bodybuilding: Slim hips

The ideal program combines power, jogging, weight training and fun whether to lose the belly, thighs or hips the best method to lose weight locally and maintain a healthy weight is to combine: a program of food behavior eventually prepared by a nutritionist. Weight to the weight of the body or with light to tone up without taking volume loads.

Objectively the best sport for weight loss for man and woman program is running because run seeks the 2 thirds of the muscles of the human body, but there are many other sports to burn calories. It is above all the pleasure to practice which should guide your choice.